Ludwigs-Maximilians Universität (LMU) München

Geography and Geographical Remote Sensing

Research focuses on the analysis of „natural systems“ in terms of cause, effect and management of global change processes. The development of integrative methods for the spatially distributed analysis of reciprocal processes at earth surface level plays a central role. An improved understanding of spatial interaction by means of process-oriented models is facilitated by using modern monitoring techniques (e.g. remote sensing) and methods for the acquisition and processing of environmental information (e.g. GIS)..

Research projects

  • investigating the functional principle of the complex system „pedosphere-hydrosphere-biosphere-atmosphere “
  • on the global causes and regional effects of climate change
  • on the causes of global change and its reginal and global impacts.
  • on monitoring global change by means of acquiring water, substance, mass nd energy flows on the land surface
  • on using and developing remote sensing techniques
  • on the spatial and integrated modelling of natural systems
  • don scenario-based, integrative analysis of regional impacts of global change
  • on the development of courses of action for sustainable environmental management, primarily in the field of water resources

Final degree: Bachelor, Master