Universität Siegen

Research Institute Water and Environment

Disciplines: Water resources management, hydraulic engineering and hydromechanics, sewage and waste


Chair of Water Resources Management:
Teaching content in the bachelor and master courses:

  • Engineering hydrology and water supply
  • Hydrological modelling for risk assessment
  • Environmental analysis
  • Management of river catchments
  • Management of water quality and quantity
  • Management of dams

Link: www.bau.uni-siegen.de/fwu/ww/


Chair of Hydraulic Engineering & Hydromechancs:
Teaching in the Chair of Hydraulic Engineering and Hydromechanics focuses on civil engineering. Lectures are offered both within the scope of bachelor and master courses. This includes the following lectures: hydromechanics I and II, fundamentals of hydraulic engineering and numerous specialisation classes.

Link: www.bau.uni-siegen.de/fwu/wb/


Chair of Sewage and Waste Technology:
Teaching offered within the scope of the bachelor and master courses, diploma courses and in the terminating college course includes the subjects sewage and waste technology. A distinction is made between the basic subjects such as environmental protection, sewage and waste technology I and the selectable specialisation subjects such as sewage and waste technology II and/or III, environmental remediation (land recycling) and materials cycle.

Link: www.bau.uni-siegen.de/subdomains/abwabf/