Universität Osnabrück

Master course soils, inland waters, contaminated sites

Joint course by Hochschule Osnabrück and Universität Osnabrück

The objective of the first joint course of the Universität and the Hochschule Osnabrück is to flexibly, individually and successfully prepare students in the fields of soils, inland waters, and contaminated sites both for a scientific career and other professsional careers. The master course is intended for bachelor graduates from environmental and geoscientific courses, such as geography, geoecology, landscape ecology, limnology, landscaping and landscape architecture, agriculture, gardening, forestry, or civil engineering. The students may select their field of specialisation, i.e. either soils, inland waters or contaminated sites.

Profile modules

  1. land use and soil protection: surface-related consideration of soil use and risk of soil contamination, notably in agriculture, soil protection measures
  2. hydrology and water protection: correlations between soil, groundwater and surface waters as transport paths for nutrients and pollutants, water protection measures as well as renaturation measures
  3. contaminated sites and soil protection: causes of soil contaminations, notably in urban areas, assessment and possibilities of soil remediation and soil reclamation