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In basic and applied research, the branch of water management deals with water in natural and technical systems and the related materials cycles in an interdisciplinary way. Based on the understanding of the mechanisms of action of anthropogenic impacts on the environment, concepts for the efficient protection of resources and the sustainable use of water and water bodies are developed. Engineering and natural sciences jointly develop models to improve the predictability of dynamic processes and their interrelation with biosphere and hydrosphere.

Institut für Hydrologie und Meteorologie

– Bachelor Hydrosciences

– Master Hydrology

– Master Hydro Science and Engineering


In cooperation with different European Universities and institutions:

– Erasmus Mundus Master in Flood Risk Management

– Joint Master in Groundwater and Global Change


Professur für Hydrologie, Bergstraße 66, 01069 Dresden
Academic advice: Frau Dipl.-Geogr. Christina Görner
Tel. +49 351 463-37524

Potential fields of work:

  • Agro-, forest-, urban-, mountain- and hydro-meteorology
  • Management of extreme events
  • Watershed management
  • Eco-simulation

Possible career paths lead to:

  • International organizations like e.g. EU-administration, WMO, FAO
  • National water-, climate- and environmental entities on state and federal level
  • Consultancies, associations and institutes
  • Insurance companies

The qualification for a scientific career at national and international universities or other research entities is particularly supported.

Expertise for studying: Basic knowledge of English
Entry requirement: A first University degree in Hydrology, Hydro Sciences, Engineering or in a related field of study. International applicants and German applicants with foreign school leaving certificate please find information here:

  • B.Sc. Hydro Sciences: open admission
  • M.Sc. Hydrology: open admission with aptitude assessment
  • M.Sc. Hydro Science and Engineering: open admission with aptitude assessment

Application and enrolment:

Application procedure for international applicants can be found here:

Hydrological courses (selection):

  • Engineering Hydrology
  • Regional Hydrology
  • Climatology
  • Hydrological Modelling
  • Water Management
  • Catchment Hydrology
  • Applied Meteorology

Chair of Hydrology

Prof. Dr. Niels Schütze

Research foci:

  • Modelling and optimization of hydrosystems
  • Hydrology of arid regions, Water scarcity and irrigation
  • Stochastic modelling of hydrosystems
  • Hydrologic processes in small water sheds

Hydro Sciences

Institut für Siedlungs-und Industriewasserwirtschaft


  • Siedlungswasserwirtschaft
  • Industriewasserwirtschaft
  • Wasserversorgung

Institut für Grundwasserwirtschaft

Weitere Informationen:
Webseite TU Dresden / Fachrichtung Grundwasserwirtschaft