Kiel University

Institute of Natural Resource Conservation

– Master of Environmental Management

Olshausenstr. 75, 24118 Kiel
Academic advice:
Dr. Uta Ulrich / PD Dr. Tobias W. Donath

Potential fields of work:

  • Nature protection, environmental protection
  • Science and research
  • Environmental administration
  • Non-governmental organisations
  • Engineering offices
  • Development assistance

Expertise for studying: Englisch Level C1/C2
Entry requirement: restricted

Application and enrolment:

  • Deadline of application: 15th April
  • Enrolment: midth of October
  • Start of course: winter term

Hydrological courses (selection):

  • Hydrology and Climatology
  • Integrated River Basin Management
  • Fieldtrip Hydrobiology Posznan
  • Fieldtrip Limno-Ecology Baikal See
  • Hydrological Modelling
  • Integrated Management of wetlands

Department Hydrology & Water Resources Management

Prof. Dr. Nicola Fohrer

Research foci:

  • Transdisciplinary and applied science
  • Relationships between hydrological and biological processes at the catchment scale
  • Evaluation of anthropogenic effects on aquatic systems
  • Strategies to improve water quality and enhance biodiversity
  • Approaches for sustainable use of water
  • Causes, effects and measures on „climate change“

Department of Hydrology and Water Resources Management, Universität Kiel

The Ecology Centre is made up of the Division of Ecosystem Research and five departments: Coastal Ecology, Geobotany, Landscape Ecology, Hydrology and Water Resources Management, Ecosystem Research, Ecotechnology and Ecosystem Development.

Main focus of the Department of Hydrology and Water Resources Management are rural areas. Research topics are:

  • Water balance calculation and modelling
  • Modelling of river basins and catchment hydrology
  • Analysis and modelling of water quality and water protection strategies li>
  • Modelling the impact of land use change
  • Measurement and modelling of soil erosion
  • Strategies for flood protection measures on the field

Environmental Management

The Ecology Centre of the University of Kiel offers the international Master Program g “Environmental Management“

  • Working language: English
  • The first semester focuses on basic knowledge of natural sciences (e.g.: biotic and abiotic structures and dynamics of ecosystems, including anthropogenic modifications and disturbances) and modelling methods.
  • The second semester is dedicated to practical fieldwork carried out during excursions, as well as further interactive cooperation activities with professionals in the field. The main focus is on the development of integrative, regional management concepts and on the building of knowledge regarding system analysis, including socio-eocnomic components.
  • The third semester combines basic knowledge and method knowledge to develop sustainable management concepts.
  • The fourth semester consists of the individual work on the master’s thesis.