Hochschule Magdeburg – Stendal

Department of Water and Waste Management

The department of Water and Waste Management offers the following bachelor degree courses:

  • waste management
  • statistics
  • water management

Following successful graduation, the Bachelor of Engineering degree is awarded, respectively the Bachelor of Science degree for students of the Statistics faculty. The bachelor degree provides access to the following master degree courses:

  • Ecological engineering
  • Water Management

Upon graduation in ecological engineering, the Master of Science degree is awarded, graduates in water management are awarded the academic title Master of Engineering. These master degrees are a prerequisite for acquiring a doctorate.

Institute of Water Management and Eco-Technology (IWO)

The activities of this Institute focus on intertwining applied research and teaching. Therefore, they will also continue concentrating on practical research tasks in the heart of water and waste management projects. The Institute’s fields of study are as follows:

  • waste management, waste engineering , waste legislation
  • hydrobiology and water ecology
  • hydromechanics
  • hydrochemistry and waste chemistry, aquatic chemistry and analytical chemistry
  • hydrology and geoinformatics
  • waste management
  • sanitary engineering, waste water and sludge treatment
  • statistics
  • material flow and resources management
  • hydraulic engineering and hydraulic-engineering testing
  • water supply