Hydrogeology – Environmental Geology 2015

Summer School Bremen

Since 1990, the Faculty of Geosciences at the Universität Bremen has been the organizer of the Summer School for Hydrogeology – Environmental Geology.

Concentrating specialists’ competencies for a cross-sectoral further training offer in the field of hydrogeology/environmental geology

Teaching scientifically well-founded practical applications.

Target group
Graduated natural scientists and engineers dealing with groundwater and soil protection problems in engineering offices, authorities, or research institutions

Jobseekers or not yet employed engineers and natural scientists wishing to improve their occupational outlook by acquiring additional technical skills.

MethodSpecialists qualifying for the relevant subject-matter in terms of research, application and teaching are chosen as lecturers for the courses. Hence, the participants are given the opportunity of brushing up basic knowledge and learning new methods enabling them to deal with the increasingly complex issues in the field of groundwater and and soil protection.